5. Conclusion

In conclusion, Red Bull should be consumed in moderation and sparingly due to its relatively very high sugar content. Taking in too much of this drink might cause high blood sugar levels and other health problems. (Katie, 2013)  Coke Zero has 0 sugar. However it is still sweet. From this we know some chemical substitute could have been used and this is still a health concern which you might want to consider before consuming the drink. Same applies to Coke Light. Methods using light to measure the sugar amounts of drinks are limited as some drinks are opaque and other methods (such as hydrometer method) should be used for more accuracy and reliability.

Practical Applications
Our methods can be used to measure the sugar amounts of sugared drinks which we consume daily. This could allow the consumers to be more cautious and wary of what they drink and hopefully reconsider over consuming sugar due to the several possible health risks such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. (Lambert, 2014) Thus with this they could hopefully live a healthier life.

Areas for further study
Technique used create calibration graphs used to determine the relationship in a mathematical of the index of refraction and the sugar content of the tested liquid. / Optical rotation of liquid and sugar content of liquid (Our group did it manually gram by gram, hopefully there are better methods out there.)

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