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  Sugar (Sucrose) composes of two main molecules as followed:

The number of obese people in the world has doubled in the last three decades.During this time, our eating habits have changed greatly — none-homemade food consumption percentage has risen,people are now more reliant on quickly prepared processed foods, and sugar consumption per person has risen to the highest ever.

The main culprit of the high amounts of sugar consumption would be sugared drinks. To raise awareness of the issue, we have decided to make set-ups that will allow us to measure the sugar content of a drink that we constantly enjoy using household items.Using our own set-up, we have tried measuring the sugar content of several popular sugared drinks which will allow us to see our own data that we collected through it.We believe by using these four scientific methods to obtain the sugar contents of these sugared drinks we can impact the reader on just how much sugar they would be consuming if they were to drink a bottle of one of the drinks tested and hopefully change their thinking of how healthy sugared drinks are and maybe even lead a healthier lifestyle after reading our paper. And thinking back about it, we would really be doing a big favour as we are providing an efficient solution to finding sugar, through cheap and effective methods.By doing this, we hope everyone will have a sweeter life style by consuming lesser sugar.

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